Tomatoes of all shapes, colors, and sizes

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Our selection of tomatoes includes:

Name Determinate/ Indeterminate Days to fruit Size Heirloom? Notes
Ace 55 Indeterminate 85 days Med/Lrg   Low in acidity, the medium late, red, firm, oblate-shaped fruit are moderately smooth. The plants are medium to large.
Amana Orange Indeterminate 90 days 5" Heirloom It takes it name from Amana Iowa. It has large mild beefsteak type fruit of distinctive orange color.
Amish Paste Indeterminate 74 days 8 oz   Dates back to the turn of the century and is best for sauces and canning. Deep red fruit with real tomato flavor and not overly acidic.
Ananas Noire Indeterminate 85 days 1-1.5 lb   Also known as Black Pineapple, streaked interior of pink, red, green and yellow. Complex hearty tomato taste that’s both sweet and rich. Smoky and acidic undertones, great for tomato sauce.
Anna Russian Indeterminate 65-70 days 1 lb Heirloom Its pinkish-red heart shape fruit are large, early and juicy. With outstanding flavor they have an ox heart like foliage on hardy vines.
Arkansas Traveler Indeterminate 90 days 6 oz Heirloom Fruit is rough medium size with an excellent creamy mild flavor, highly adaptable.
Aunt Ruby's German Green Indeterminate 80 days 12-16 oz   Light green, smooth skins at maturity, hint of yellow. Green flesh blushed with pink, meaty and flavorful.
Beauty King Indeterminate 8 days 1 lb   Large bi-colored tomato is yellow with bold red stripes on the exterior and yellow with red streaking inside. Meaty fruit, plants bear large harvests of these tomatoes with sweet, rich flavor. A cross with Big Rainbow and Green Zebra.
Beefsteak Indeterminate 90 days Up to 2 lbs   Fruits are very large and meaty with small seed cavities, great for slicing. Sets fruit well under unfavorable conditions, with tolerance to cracking and strong disease resistance.
Bella Rosa Determinate 75 days 10-12 oz   A good balance of acid and sugar. A heat tolerant variety which does well in hot humid areas.
Black Cherry Indeterminate 65 days Small   Unique cherry tomato
Black from Tula Indeterminate 80-85 days 3-5 in Heirloom A robust Russian heirloom and the largest of the dramatic blacks with dark, greenish black shoulders performs well in dry conditions.
Black Krim Indeterminate 80 days 8oz Heirloom Very dark maroon tasty beefsteak, has an incredible tangy flavor and delightfully juicy.
Brandywine Indeterminate 90 days 10-11 oz Heirloom This potato shaped leaf variety is a favorite for taste. Dusty red color, sweet flavor.
Brandywine Yellow Indeterminate 90-100 days 1-1.5 lbs. Heirloom Golden yellow version of brandywine with prolific yields of flattened semi-irregular fruit
Bulls Heart Indeterminate 87 days 2 lbs   This is a very old Russian variety bearing large pink oxheart-type tomatoes with excellent, sweet flavor. Strong plants produce abundantly.
Burpee Big Boy Indeterminate 78 days 10-16 oz   Large crack-free tomato has absolutely superb flavor. Bright red, firm meaty fruit
Campbells Determinate 69 days 7 oz Heirloom Bright red, with green shoulders and good interior color.
Carbon Indeterminate 80 days 8-12 oz   Rich complex flavor, produces large crack resistant fruits. Excellent for salads and sandwiches.
Caspian Pink Indeterminate 80 days Large Pink   Similar to Brandywine, first tomato to beat Brandywine in taste tests.
Celebrity Determinate 72 days 8 oz   AAS award winner. Highly productive, firm, very flavorful and disease resistant.
Chef's Choice Green Indeterminate 90 days 9-10 oz Beautiful green fruits with subtle yellow stripes. Wonderful sweet tangy flavor. Disease and crack resistant.
Chef's Choice Orange Indeterminate 75 days 9-12 oz This variety captures the wonderful flavor and color of the heirloom but with much earlier maturity. Beefsteak type, bright orange inside and out, disease and crack resistant.
Cherokee Chocolate Indeterminate 75 days 10-16 oz   Mahogany-colored variety, excellent flavor, very productive plants are vigorous and yield a large harvest of these chocolate-colored tomatoes with the ample size and wonderful flavor associated with Cherokee Purple.
Cherokee Purple Indeterminate 85 days 12 oz Heirloom A favorite heirloom variety for it's unique color, earthy sweet taste. Prolific yield, purplish red color early girl.
Chocolate Cherry Indeterminate 70 days 1 inch   Extremely flavorful, round chocolate red fruits. Ripens well off the vine
Costoluto Genovese Indeterminate 90 days 7 oz   Ribbed firm fruits, delicious fruit flavor.
Currant Red Indeterminate 65 days 1/4 in   Pea-sized fruits possess a crunchy, fruity flavor that is ideal for salads and snacks. Vigorous vines, 15 to 20 fruits are produced per branch.
Currant White Indeterminate 70-75 days     Unique and sweetest tasting tomato, the tiny fruit are half the size of a cherry tomato and grow in nice heavy clusters. Creamy-white in color with just a tinge of yellow.
Delicious Indeterminate 77 days 1-3 lbs   Smooth solid fruits that seldom crack. Solid meat and excellent flavor. Developed after Beefsteak.
DX-52 Semi-determinate 70 days Medium size   Large, smooth, deep red fruits on semi-determinate vines with good foliage cover. Solid interior with excellent appearance and flavor. Developed in Utah for local climatic conditions.
Early Girl VFF Indeterminate 57 days 4-6 oz   Might ripe red fruits, bright crimson throughout. Firm texture and blemish resistant skin. Heavy yields on hardy vines.
Fantastic Hybrid VF Indeterminate 65 days 4-6 oz   Scarlet red, beef steak flavor, heavy yields excellent for canning.
Garden Peach Indeterminate 75 days 2 oz   Unique heirloom looks like a small peach. Slightly fuzzy skin, light yellow fruits with a distinctive flavor that’s light clean and a little bit fruit like.
Giant Belgium Indeterminate 82-90 days 1-5 lbs   Huge dark pink fruits, low acid, sweet, mild flavor.
Gold Medal Indeterminate 80 days 1-1.5 lbs Heirloom Classic heirloom variety with yellow and red striped fruit, sweet tasting, easy slicer.
Great White Indeterminate 80 days 10 oz   White tomato with low acidity and few seeds. Good drought and crack tolerance.
Green Copia Indeterminate 76-80 days     Oblate beefsteak fruits run in the medium size range. When ripe the luscious fruits are striped in alternate bands of apple-green and pale pink.
Green Berkeley Tie Dye Indeterminate 70 days 8-10 oz   Red and green stripes color the outside while the interior is chartreuse marbled throughout with ruby red. Tangy yet delicious flavor and grow on vigorous, productive plants well suited to most climates.
Green Grape Determinate 70 days Under 1 in. Heirloom Vigorous plant, very juicy and sweet, perfect for naturally green ketchups, soups and garnishes.
Green Zebra Determinate 78 days 2-4 oz Heirloom Fully ripened fruits are bright green, with stripes of a still lighter green. Round smallish fruits have excellent flavor. Plants are vigorous.
Hawaiian Pineapple Indeterminate 90-95 days 1-1.5 lbs   Golden-orange beefsteak fruit have a pineapple-like flavor when perfectly ripe. Fruits are deep orange and incredibly rich, fruity and sweet, produce large harvests.
Isis Candy Indeterminate 70-80 days 1-1.5"   Superior quality fruit marbled in red with a starburst on each blossom end. A silky blend of sugary sweetness and rich fruitiness. Heavy yielder
Italian Tree Indeterminate 1-1.5 lbs     Potato-leaf, tomato plants that yield on vines that can grow to 15-feet. Meaty, red tomatoes with superior sweet flavors, just the right amount of acid, this tomato plant should be trellised as each plant can bear bushels of fruit. Good for canning or eating fresh off the vine.
Japanese Black Trifele Indeterminate 85 days; 3-5 oz   Pear shaped fruits that are free of blemishes and cracks that range in color from back to gray blushed with magenta. Potato leaf plants produce prolific yields . Excellent canner that holds its flavor and color well.
Jaune Flamme Indeterminate 80 days 2-3 oz   Bright orange skin, reddish flesh. Fruits are slightly larger than cherry varieties. Sweet high-yielding.
Jet Setter Indeterminate 64 days 8 oz   Earlier and better disease resistance than Jet Star with Huge yields.
Jet Star Indeterminate 72 days 6-8 oz   Long time favorite, high sugar content that mash acidity. Very meaty globe shaped.
Julia Childs Indeterminate 78 days 4 in   Tall, indeterminate, potato-leaf plant produces an abundant crop of, deep-pink, beefsteak fruits. They have a robust, tomato flavor and firm, juicy flesh that is complex and contain more than enough acidity.
Kelloggs Breakfast Indeterminate 80-85 days Up to 1 lb   Pale orange fruits are solid and meaty throughout. Mild tasting flesh, long season producer of large, beefsteak type fruits, minimal seeds.
Marmande Semi-determinate 67 days 8 oz   Classic French garden tomato that bears well even in cool weather. Abundant crops of beefsteak shaped scarlet fruit with delicious flavor and firm, meaty flesh.
Marvel Stripe Indeterminate 85 days 1-2 lbs Heirloom This heirloom variety has become one of gardeners' favorite bicolored tomatoes because of its beauty, size, and taste. Large yellow-orange fruits are streaked with ruby red and have a sweet, fruity taste that have large harvests on vigorous vines.
Mexican Indeterminate Late Over 2 lbs   A 42nd Street Greenhouse original which has extra-large beefsteak type tomatoes. Meaty and very flavorful, great for canning.
Mexico Midget Indeterminate 60-70 days 1/2 in   Tiny, red, cherry-type fruits. Prolific yields throughout an extended growing season.
Money Maker   75-80 days 4-6 oz   An old English heirloom; produces globes that are intensely red, smooth and of very high quality. This variety grows well in hot humid climates and greenhouses; sets in most any weather. Flavorful and becoming rare.
Moonglow Indeterminate 80 days 3-4 oz   Medium bright orange fruits, dense and meaty with thick walls and few seeds, sweet flavor with a hint of tartness.
Moscow Indeterminate 70 days 3-4 oz   Local favorite with old fashioned tomato flavor. Nice balance of sweet and acid flavors in a dense meat, outstanding for canning.
Mountain Fresh Determinate 79 days 8-16 oz   Bred especially for mountain regions and higher elevations.
Mr. Stripy Indeterminate 80 days 10-12 oz Heirloom Also called Tigerella, has red and yellow stripes, mild very low acid flavor.
Old German Indeterminate 75 days Large Heirloom Large red/yellow. Great for slicing, huge fruit up to 2 lbs. unusual boatshaped.
Omar Lebanese Indeterminate 80 days 1-2 lbs   Pink fruits are huge, meaty, rich, sweat and juicy.
Opalka Indeterminate 85 days 4-6 in   Long pepper shaped fruits, sweet and refreshing, great for sauces and canning.
Parks Whopper Indeterminate 65 days 4 in   Big red fruits, crack and disease resistant, vigorous stocky plants you can pick until harvest.
Paul Robeson Indeterminate 80-90 days 8-12 oz   Brick red fruits have dark green shoulders and red flesh. Nice balance of sweetness and acidity
Pineapple Indeterminate 85-95 days Up to 2 lbs Heirloom Large Beefsteak variety a rich yellow gold, with red stripes. It has a sweet and fruity with a tangy meaty, after bite.
Pink Berkeley Tie Dye Indeterminate 65-70 days 8-12 oz   Port wine-colored beefsteak has beautiful green stripes and deep brick-red interior flesh. Exceptional flavor that is well balanced and rich. Fairly compact plants are vigorous, early to bear, and well adapted to almost all climates.
Prudens Purple Indeterminate 75 days 10oz to 1 lb Heirloom Dark pink nearly purple fruit. Matures quite early delicious flavor and good production. Known for its potato leaf vine.
Red Pear Indeterminate 70 days Pear shaped Heirloom Small pear shaped fruit similar to yellow pear tomatoes.
Roma Determinate 78 days Pear shaped   Great for cooking, canning and paste. Vines produce medium to small pear shaped fruit.
San Marzano Determinate 80 days 3 in   Bright red, holds well on the vine, extra-high solid content is perfect for canning.
Silvery Fir Tree Determinate 58 days 4-6 oz Heirloom This very unusual dwarf plant has delicate, lacy leaves that have a silvery sheen. Not only does this plant add great ornamental interest to your garden, it also bears very flavorful red tomatoes that mature quite early.
Striped German Indeterminate   12 oz   Bicolor red and yellow fruit. The flat, medium to large, variably ribbed-shoulder tomatoes. The marbled interior looks beautiful sliced. Complex, fruity flavor and smooth texture. Medium-tall vines.
Sun Gold Indeterminate 65 days 0.5 - 1 in   Extra popular, distinctive, tangy sweet flavor, golden orange fruit.
Sun Sugar Indeterminate 62 days 0.5 oz   Golden yellow, sugary sweet taste, crack resistant.
Super Sweet 100's Indeterminate 65 days 1 in   High yielding plants, sweetest 1" fruit plants bear till frost.
Supersonic Indeterminate 75 days     Big red fruit with flavor and quality. Meaty, very large and slightly oblate shape.
Ultimate Opener Indeterminate 57 days     Produces blemish-free fruits about 33% larger than Early Girl with marvelous flavor that's sweet and juicy. Strong, vigorous plants are capable of tremendous yields. Strong disease resistance.
Wagner Blue Green   80 days 3 in   Color is an incredible blue, with green flesh. Beauty and great flavor round fruits are around 3 inches in diameter, and are very smooth and blemish-free.
White Cherry   70 days 1 oz   Soft, creamy-yellow, are produced in nice clusters, right up to killing frost. Fruits are very sweet, juicy and delicious. Lovely in salads, on relish trays or for snacking right in the garden. Prolific and very free from cracking.
White Potato Leaf Indeterminate 75-85 days 4-5 in   Make beautiful, white tomato sauces for your gourmet dishes with these unusual white to pale yellow-skinned, flavorful tomatoes. Flattened, fruits have a pleasing acid flavor.
Yellow Pear Indeterminate 78 days 2 in Heirloom Vigorous vines produce high yields of 2" yellow skinned, pear shaped fruits with few seeds. Prolific yields and dependable performance.
Zapotec   86 days   Heirloom The bright red fruits of this big tomato are deeply pleated or ribbed. The flavor of Zapotec is truly sublime; sweet and intense the fruits are extremely fleshy. Excellent for grilling, frying or stuffing.


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